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Bouncy facilities are taking Australia by storm.

People often don't know what to call them though: bounce house, Jumping Castles, moonwalks, jumpers, bouncers, bucking bulls or even a party inflatable thing. We call them fun and we have a great selection across all categories for all ages. We also have inflatable slides, jousting arenas, Velcro wall, Inflatable wipeouts and many more.  We vary our selections  that are set up each week  so there is  something different for your second and subsequent visits.  Of course we have chairs and tables for spectators and after fun wind downs. We have a licenced café serving packaged Alcohol as well as tea and coffee, also including the ever-popular Slushies and Frozen Fruit servings for Kids and adults alike. So whatever you want to call them... give us a call or reserve your time on-line and we promise a great time.

Jousting Field

our attractions


Jumping Castles

Inflatable Wipeout

Velcro Wall

Bucking Bull


a healthy body

leads to a healthy mind; get fitter and have fun with us!

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Inflatable Wrecking Ball

Bungee Run

Ride like you are in a rodeo, see who can stay on the longest and beat our record.

This ride is  not suitable for Children under 6. All other multi-passes include 1 ride.

 Additional rides can be purchased at $8.00 per ride, 2 for $14, 3 for $18 and 4 for $20.00

See who can launch themselves the highest or end up in the wackiest position stuck to the wall like a fly.



Take on a group of your mates and see who is the last man or woman standing. be prepared as there is a double edge to this game.

With a huge variety of jumping castles from Disney to Mickey mouse to animal shapes there is lots of fun for the little ones as well.

Take out those frustrations on your brother sister father or mother or even a mate or work colleague or boss and see who can remain standing after being pushed with the inflatable pole.

Who will lose their balance first and go flying from the field leaving only one winner.

For those budding engineers that love to destroy things then push the wrecking ball as hard as you can to dislodge other players whilst remaining safe yourself.

Instead of jumping off a bridge  with an elastic cord then enjoy the bungee run horizontally with the elastic cord  and see who can run the furthest and score a goal the fastest , or who will not make it and get dragged back bouncing  along the run to the start.


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